Sister Chain and Brother John Higgins met in a mysterious Berlin bookshop on Halloween in 2004.

Since that day the couple have played numerous concerts in churches, on boats, on street corners and gambling houses as well as the usual nightclubs, festivals and concert halls. They have toured Scandinavia, the UK, continental Europe and the US and supported international acts such as Lene Lovich, Jowe Head (Television Personalities) and Michael Dempsey and Lol Tolhurst of The Cure. 

They released their debut album “Darkness to Warm Your Heart” in 2008 and followed up with their second album “The Androgyne Show” in 2012. Their EP “Take Cover” was released in 2013 and their “Staying in Soho” 7- inch picture disc was launched in March, 2017. Three digital releases followed: “Oh Bloody Christmas” (2020), and “Sister Chain’s Blues” (2021) and the protest single “Number Ten” (2023).  

Sister Chain & Brother John live in Sheffield with their sons Hamlet and Marlowe and their studio cat Edgar. They are currently working on a new vinyl LP.