From the Gentlemen of the Press

From the Gentlemen of the Press

Selected press coverage

Interview and live performance Radio Eins, Germany (mp3) (German)
Interview and live performance on Danish National Radio, P1 Kultursøndag, 2012 (English and Danish)
Radio/video interview at Stentor Radio, Aarhus, Denmark, March 2011 (English)
Interview for, Denmark, March 2011 (Danish)
Video interview with Haselohre Kohl, Hannover, Germany, March 2011 (English)
Interview on ‘crowdfunding’ in Zitty Berlin, September 2011 (German)
Interview in Zitty Berlin, July 2007 (German)

Album and live show reviews

“All the staff at the radio fell in love with them. They are fantastic. You have to see them live.
Now that I have heard and seen I’m thinking: Everyone must love this. This is damn good!
Sister Chain has a fantastic voice. It was magic.”
– Jennebo Radio, Sweden

“On their Album, Darkness to Warm Your Heart, Sister Chain and Brother John have taken the
framework of the duo with all its limitations and used it to its full extent.”
Thomas Mauch, Die Tageszeitung, Germany
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“Subversive, interesting and unique. What more could you want?”
Gareth Owen, Electronic Beats, Germany
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“Sister Chain & Brother John are something else: Esther Ofarim and Klaus Nomi spring to mind,
but also Bauhaus and The Sisters of Mercy, the Brecht and Kurt Weill cabaret and Lotte Lenya…
I am at their show now and I am melting with pleasure, a different type of pleasure, one that comes
from insane twists of noise, screams and distortions… what a triumphant finale to such a
cultural evening.”
Michael Rorberger, The Town Mouse, Israel

“They look like they should play a part in Jim Jarmusch’s film Dead Man.”
– Radio Eins, Germany

“I dare to promise you that Sister Chain & Brother John are one of a kind. This is a festival act
which stands out in the crowd, to say the least.”
– Live at Heart Magazine, Sweden

“Berlin-based Sister Chain & Brother John is a most peculiar and rather unique acquaintance.
Victorian glam rock meets dark cabaret moods of the duo’s strange, seductive, macabre and highly
dramatical theatrical universe. There is something absolutely alluring about Sister Chain & Brother
John’s peculiar world. (…) There is a constant lurking danger in Sister Chain’s shrill tremulous voice
that complements the disturbing universe perfectly. (…) There are glorious highs in the spinning
Satan Said, the title number with playful bass, the doomsday heavy When It All Comes Down and the
delicious fingerpicked On The Roof.”
– Gaffa, Denmark’s biggest music magazine (4 stars)

“Berlin based Sister Chain & Brother John are on to record number two now so someone must be listening.
(…) The majority of this stuff brings to mind the stripped back minimalist punk approach of The Cramps
performed by French-Canadian duo Vialka. If they’re not buddies I’d be very surprised. Anyway, if Victorian
glam cabaret is your schtick this is going to blow your frickin’ mind. Everything about this record is olde
style, from the four-track production to the sleeve photo, shot with an 1860s camera and developed with
cyanide on glass plates. Yowza!”
– Norman Records, UK (4 stars)

“The most obvious band to check out at the festival. Stars!”
– Gilla Örebro, Sweden (about Live At Heart Festival)

“Sister Chain’s theatrical singing with Brother John’s minimal yet melodic bass playing creates
a very intense and effective combination, which I find fascinating. An exceptional, boundary breaking,
and unconventional show.”
– Far From the Madding Crowd, UK